Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cooling Coil for Modern Cars.

New car now days have to take off the dash board just to remove the cooling coil. Check out the Hyundai (Inokom) Matrix which have to remove the whole dash board console. (Roughly will need 8 hours to complete the whole cycle as there is plenty of screw and bracket to remove and assemble.

Even Avanza have to remove dash board to change the cooling Coil, but the design is much better. It has less bracket and screw to remove. (Roughly need 3~4 hours to complete).

So I really like old design better as it only need to remove the glove box to change the cooling coil and it only need 1~2 hours max to complete. So what the hell is automotive engineers are thinking now days?


jaraju said...

btw, how much did it cost?

I sent my accent to APM service centre due to aircond leak and the guy charging me RM1200 to replace the cooling coil with original part :(

Anonymous said...

Today I change new cooling coil for my Avanza, it cost me RM 500 for cooling coil and RM 150 for removing and put my dashboard back + gas and 2nd blower service total RM 790.

Anonymous said...

my avanza aircon not cold, repair it outside, cost RM750 to replace cooling coil, refill gas & compressor oil, changing condenser filter and some minor cleaning. Not sure how much Toyota service centre will charge for this, fyi my cooling coil not branded one like denso so not sure how long it can last