Thursday, September 25, 2008

Petrol Price Calculation? We are conned/robbed?

Remember this bull shit?

At that time they explain 1 barrel is USD 146 (1 barrel is 159 liter), so the calculation begins

Price per liter = 146/159 = 0.918 USD/liter (exchange rate ~ 3.3) = 3.029 Ringgit per liter.
Gov subsidize 0.30 ringgit per liter. Per liter for consumer = 3.3029-0.30 = 2.72 Ringgit per liter.

Ok.... so now the 1 barrel is USD 93 (1 barrel is 159 liter), so the calculation begins

Price per liter = 93/159 = 0.585 USD/liter (exchange rate ~ 3.45 'current') = 2.182 Ringgit per liter.
Gov subsidize 0.30 ringgit per liter. Per liter for consumer "should be" = 2.18 - 0.30 = 1.88 Ringgit per liter.

So why is our petrol price is at 2.45 ringgit per liter? Where is our "57 sen per liter" goes to? (2.45 - 1.88 = 0.57)
Dear ppl please take note.... we are not stupid.... We shall wait till next election... then you will know....

Our current petrol price should be RM2.182 (No need for subsidy also....) If got subsidy it would be RM1.88...... Evil or Very Mad #$%^ SOB

Petrol Price Reduced!

Our Gov announced that the petrol and diesel price have reduced. The petrol was reduced 10sen from MYR2.55 to MYR2.45 this is about 3% reduction.....
I actually did not give a damn even if the petrol price reduce by 50sen........
Our current problem is everything has inflated during the last price hike, so the damage has been done. Traders and businessmen has use that as an excuse to raise the price of necessity (BIG inflation). This has cause hard ship to many of the lower income group; so now robbery, mugging; what every crime imaginable is on the rise. It is simple, we do not see rape cases raise because that has no income value compared to robbery; mugging.......
So now the question is When and How the Gov can control Inflation? Follow Singapore style to have centralize Gov Food stall, Gov developer, Gov market?
Damn you for rising the inflation............

Sunday, September 21, 2008

VTEC Engine Oil and Transmission Oil Tips

Saw this on the Forum and i think it is worth to share especially if you have a VTEC engine.

20 Sept 2008 (HCOC Touge Visit)

It has been while since I blog, so this a little something i wanted to share :).
20 Sept 2008 has been a good day for me. For the first time since i crashed my Wira in January 2008, i finally made up my mind to go touge again.

I have officially registered as a member Honda Car Owner's Club (HCOC) on April 2008. I have been quite active in the forum to learn up as much as i can about my car and its engine.
The committee members decided to have a Cameron Trip on 20 Sept 2008. In total we have 6 cars going up the touge (EK9, EG6, EG8, SR4, City VTEC and GRA Accord). To cut the story short, we went up the touge after breakfast. I was ferrying Jeswey (It is an honour :)) and was tailing the City VTEC (Euguene - GRA Driver). He is real good at the corners with very minimum body roll (his car is stock "new"), i can only tail him in straights and was having a lot of body roll. Jes is trying to sleep :O ... but i do not think she did ( i wonder if she is worried). We stopped at Green View for a break. After that we proceed to Kg Raja to have lunch and when to Brincang (I was driving alone this time, Jes goes back to our Ashish's EG6). Edward booked 2 units of "Apartment" (converted top floor of shop house).

From what we can see it is pretty good. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 wash room, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen (with fridge), 1 main room with dinner table and mahjong table too).
Around 4.30pm, my car SR4 (me, Hawke and his dear wife) and Ashish's EG6 (Ashish and Edward....he he he he he....) return back to Kg. Raja. My best friend Ah Lee who owns an electrical shop there had got our Jagung (I ask him to get us the "AA" grade :)). In total we have 141pcs and i took home 12pcs... On the way from Brinchang to Kg Raja, Hawke (GRA - Pro class) noticed my driving skill can be improved (not that safe la...) and give me some tips and pointers in line to take and to reduce body roll. Once reached my friends shops, we counted the jagung and paid. I decided to stay with my friend and they went back to Brinchang in the EG6. As old friends get together, i finally left Kg. Raja at ~6.10pm. This time I touge alone and is in a hurry too.... I reached the Simpang Pulai exit at ~6.40pm. I overtake every vehicle, (some is kind enough to let me pass, some is not too happy about it (especially a 4WD, dunno it is hilux/x-trail/storm? It does not allow me to overtake and after overtook it, it tried to tailed me. The adrelin rush came and I try to follow Hawke's pointer and it works well. I have better control and was cornering around 80~90kmh. After a few corners, i overtook a bus and i can not see the car anymore :)) For my personal record, straight top speed is 130~110kmh; average speed at corners is 80~100kmh (except the 4~5 sharp ones which needed 3rd gear 50~70kmh). I took special precaution when approaching the spot where i wrecked my Wira..... it is at the Concrete divider area almost near the foot of the hill (end of touge). This time it wasn't raining but i am taking no chances so i take it easy at 50kmh and finally i understand why i crashed.
To make it simple, it is a deceivingly sharp left turn after a long straight. you would not notice during the uphill be cause you are driving up at the left lane and turning right (the radius is much bigger thus the corner is not sharp). But when you are going down hill driving left lane, taking a left corner is really tight when there is a concrete divider, you can not take the right lane if shit happens (you will go into the wall on the right and then into the drains on the left, trust me, I Know!).
So to serve a warning to all: "At Cameron down hill, please pay attention and drive slowly once you see the concrete divider. Pay attention to the sharp left corner which is almost took my life".
I have gotten my confidence back, I will be driving again :P!.... See ya....
(Hawke: Thanks for the pointers, if have the chance i will meet you guys more or join the GRA...) To all HCOC members, thanks for coming and teaching me a lot of good things.
Note: Please don't flame me..... i am still not really good yet and not really fast yet......