Sunday, June 28, 2009

DIY Sunday

Tired..... Just DIY CAI 2inch pipe..... :) Plenty of sweat (I need to sweat).
Don't know if it works.... If not i just throw it (less than RM10) LOL

Update: I went to Silibin to collect my nanobloks. The pick up of the car now is really nice and smooth. I really like it but not sure was it contributed by the 4-1 or the CAI? Or maybe combination of all the DIY and replacement parts together. I am happy :)

Bought a Book!

I have quite a few books on Fish rearing (I have 2 aquariums and have a few Discus, until my son start to knock the aquarium and scared them to death, i will buy a few more after my son grow tired of disturbing them :))
Weird enough that i bought a book again after some time. This time is actually an advise given by Mr KN Wong. "If you want to learn about automotive, you gotta have a good book." Normally i will just dig up internet and forums; but after looking a this book at MPH today, i found that information books is actually more systematically arranged so it is more easier to read and learn from it. I know i did annoy quite a few people in forum because i asked so many basic information which i can learn from book, sorry guys....... i won't be bothering you guys much anymore :) Thanks for all the help. I'll start reading and try to understand the fundamentals.
Hopefully i can understand it, it has been a while since i read an Engineering related books.

Header Changed!

During driving the car some time, I noticed that the response of the car at 3k~5k RPM is really poor. After some research done on the Web, I found that changing the stock header (or called exhaust extractor may help). So went searching the part in IPOH.
Below is some of my findings:
1) Steel 4-2-1 for B16A. (Maker A)
- Price RM 280 and below.
- found poor welding quality, weld intrusion to the flow hole is more than 5mm.
- Tube and plate plate and hole mismatch more than 7mm delta.

2) Alloy Mugen Replica 4-1 for B18C. (Maker B)
- Price RM7x0+.
- Very good Argon welding, very good quality.
- have QC sticker label.

3) Steel Mugen Replica 4-1 for B18C. (Maker B)
- Price RM3x0+
- Good welding quality almost no welding intrusion to the flow hole
- Plate and tube hole mismatch is less than 3mm.
- minor flaw noticed on this unit (at the hole of the first primary tube) and solved by grinding.
- have QC sticker. (Confirm is same supplier as the No 2 header.)

Since i am not sure what the effect it, it would be crazy to dump 700++ on it. So i took the No 3 option. The result is good, the surge of pickup at 3k to 5k is noticeably improved. The engine is much more rev happy. I did not really push the car today so no comment yet, much of this is based on feeling. I have to thank James for recommending the 4-1 to me.
Note: Item (2) and (3) is from the same supplier so the design and workmanship is the same but only the material is different. Item (2) would be more a bling-bling to me me and both will fit as stock unit (no cutting or modification required) so no need to guess which one i took... Picture will tell. I even got my exhaust modified to enable me to swap the S flow or the straight flow HKS. Will put on the HKS straight flow on ONE fine and test it at Cameron :).

Someone is selling a MUGEN 4-1 at 2.5k:
(check out the pictures in the link page below)

Recommended Exhaust System shop:
POI Auto Enterprise
012-4617898 (Mr KC Poi)
05 3233963
651, Jln Pasir Putih, Ipoh Perak.
Note: My whole set of exhaust system is done by this shop and I can vouch for the workmanship.
Just tell him Orange Civic "Wong" Recommend (from Blog la).

Saturday, June 20, 2009

It is Father's Day Tomorrow!

It is Fathers Day tomorrow, normally we celebrated mothers day more compared to fathers day. So this year, I was thinking how to appreciate my Dad (normally we did not fuss about it at all). Being a father myself (I have a 3 year old son), I know exactly how hard it is to be a Dad. It is not easy when you love your son but at the same time have to be good disciplinarian (it is important to have one in the family to control the kids behavior and normally that is Father's job scope). Most the children is more closer to mom than dad as mom is more forgiving and ever fulfilling but as I know now dads love theirs kid too as much or more than mom does. My is a strict disciplinarian, those who really knows me would know it. So this year, I and my wife made him this (see below), it may not be much; but it is pure from the heart and it take effort (not just go shop for a present). I hope he likes it.....

Monday, June 15, 2009

Cameron Highland Touge Visit

Today I went to Cameron Highland to visit my friend there. I need to get some Jagung and Some Honey. You may be laughing "Jagung?", "Honey?" what so special? He he heh.....
If you have tasted REAL Grade AA Jagung, you will be going back for more........
The honey is the one my Brother bought for me during his last visit to Cameron, i can not find anything like it in Ipoh Market (Believe me i have check all major superstore, chain grocery shop and even Chinese medicine shop. The price is not cheap too..... 400ml Glass bottle is RM22 each. They have economy pack one at 1kg at RM45 but it uses Plastic Container. (The owner tell me the higher cost for the 400ml is because of the bottle is more expensive, i do agree with her)
I was not exactly WOT all the way there except when i needed to over take some Big and slow Lorries and Buses. I was enjoying the touge breeze doing 110~80kmh all the way (except when blocked by traffic). During down hill I was doing 60~80kmh due to wet road, it was raining up hill. When there is traffic, i will make sure no incoming at all and 100% confidence only i will over take. While i trailing a lorry and an Iswara (did not dare to overtake the lorry), a black merce zoomed past. Man that person driving the car must be very desperate to super confident (my guess is the car was doing 120~140kmh, possibly a local uncle "Uncles drives pretty fast at Cameron"). Reached my wife work place safely and got home together, happy day for me :).

Note: I actually over shoot the place and almost ended near Tanah Rata, I do enjoy the hairpin though :). This place is near to Tringkap and before Tanah Rata (which is on the same road to Brinchang). You can look out for "188 Tourist spot on the right of the road as it is more visible. The Bee place is on the left of the road when you go toward Brinchang/Tanah Rata.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

DIY OCT update!

Yup the DIY OCT does work after I reroute it to the PCV hose. Check out the Dirty Oil captured after 5 days. I think it can stand for 1 month until it is full. When it is full i just need to pour it out. Next month i will check the throttle body again, i think it will stay clean :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good Info on Water and Engine Oil Temp.

Taken from Sifu Mr KN Wong's comment and edited to summary.

Oil Temp 120-130degC is way way too hot for the oil to run. That corresponds to water temp of almost 140degC.
The general guideline in the US Honda tuning circle (e.g. Hondata) is to limit water temp to a max of 120degC. 110degC for oil temp is quite the limit. Some engine oil manufacturers claims that their oil can go to 140degC but you plan to run the engine oil at 130degC and above, then be prepared to get a warped cylinder head and burnt gasket in the very near future.
Stock PGM-Fi drastically richens the AF and retard the ignition once water temp hits 100degC. At 100degC, the ignition can be retarded by as much as 5deg.

The OEM water temp is a non-linear guage. It will be stable around the middle until around 120degC after which it will move drastically. Because the aftermarket water-temp usually places the sensor in the hose between cylinder head, it will often read different temperature than the stock sensor which is attached to the cylinder head. The stock sensor tends to overread since it is also being affected by the cylinder head which is hotter than the water. The aftermarket meter tends to under-read since water would have time to cool a little bit in the rubber hose. Also, be careful of low water level because that will lead to false low temperature readings.

1) Oil Temp (Try to limit below 120 degC).
2) Water Temp (Try to limit below 110 degC)
3) Go and get Water temp meter (critical) and Oil Temp meter (less critical) if plan to track the car.

Thanks to Mr KN Wong for his information. (FYI: He is driving a VTEC turbo)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Completed the simple mods.

Finally I have got the last Ground Wire installed to the Alternator housing (Becareful not to short it on the +ve terminal attached to the alternator. (Pic 1)
Engine Valve Head Breather was rerouted away from engine body to reduce heated air intake. (Pic 2)
The PCV hose modded to an 'el cheapo' OCT (Iswara petrol filter) and it is routed next to the original air intake box to reduce exposure to heat. (Pic 3)
Now the Engine revs is much smoother and willingly (maybe it is just a feeling because no DYNO proven)
Pic 4 shows the air bleed nut on honda engines. If you fill up empty radiator or suspec there is air bubble trapped in the engine water ways, just open this nut and fill the radiator with water until the water flow out from this nut outlet.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday TOMY CAR No 50.

Got some time to kill so went to Jusco and buy a toy car for my son. Actually I bought 2; 1 is for my collection.
It is No 50 Nissan Fairlady Z Racing Type at ~RM9 each.... that is a steal. This is the first TOMY car I bought which requires to apply additional Sticker. Looks ok ya? The headlight are made of plastic piece, normally they will just use chrome plating.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday is DIY Day!

Finally I have the time to DIY install the Ground Wire kit (except alternator wire) and the Engine Valve Head/Cover breather.

Installed the kit to:
1) Near Valve cover/Head.
2) Near Distributor.
3) Near the Bulkhead/Firewall.
4) Gear box.
5) Ground wire cluster attached to engine.
6) TBD (Alternator) "Can't be reached from the top :( "

Take a look at the Original ground wire (there is only 2 big ones which i can see), so it is much safer for me to have the additional ground wire and the potential benefit is that it may correct any faults due old chassis poor grounding (Don't forget that my car is already 17 years old).
1) Battery -ve terminal to car body.
2) Car body to Gear Box.

(Black is Original ground wire) (Blue is the new ground wire kit)

The breather is the easier one of the DIY. I found that the car's throttle body is oily and dirty so I take the opportunity to clean it. I attached an petrol filter to the breather just in case any oil/dirt/water needs to be trapped.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My next DIY install Project

Most of the OLD cars have problem with chassis grounding. The only solution to this problem is having additional ground wire in your car. Points to ground (near these places):
1) Alternator.
2) Engine Head/Valve Cover.
3) Distributor.
4) Bulk head (Ground terminal at the fire wall).
5) Body Chasis/Fuse box terminal earth.

Funny Car at my workplace

A colleague uses this car to go to work and this car is road legal too. It has VALID road tax, so I wonder how Ipoh JPJ can explain that, maybe they can say this car is similar to tractor or excavator? Check our the steering wheel from Honda and the custom Seats.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teacher loses RM138,000 in well-organised scam after helping widow


(Taken from TheStar)

KUALA LUMPUR: A teacher lost about RM138,000 to a Black Money scam syndicate after she helped a widow “save” her money.

Noraini Ahmad, 39, from Ipoh said she was approached by a woman who identified herself as Mrs M. Sulak on Jan 18, asking her for help over US$22mil (RM81mil) in cash left behind by her late husband in his will.

She said that Sulak, supposedly from England, claimed that she was all alone and needed someone to “take care” of the money.

“I was genuinely concerned for her and gave her my particulars and photograph which she later forwarded to her lawyers.

“I did not know then that I had allowed myself to be conned in the scam,” said Noraini when met at the Commercial Crime Investigations Department (CCID) office in Bukit Perdana.

She said she was later contacted by a man claiming to be Sulak’s lawyer who told her that she was to inherit US$22mil left behind by Sulak, who had died of cancer.

The man, who called himself Mr Steven Graham from a law firm in London, contacted her several times.

“He said that to sort out some paperwork, I had to bank in RM35,500 to a CIMB bank account under Steven Graham’s name which I did in several payments,” she said.

Noraini met up with two men, purportedly from London on March 14, one of whom claimed to be an officer from Abbey National Bank and the other a “diplomat” from the United Nations Security Unit in London who was checking on the “authenticity” of transfer.

They told her that the cash was kept in a security vault in Ampang and to have it released, Noraini had to pay another RM27,500.

“They also told me that the notes were special and needed to be washed with a special liquid cleaner,” she said.

“Later the same day, they demonstrated to me by “washing” several US currency notes and gave me US$300 (RM1,050). They said to change the notes at any moneychanger,” she added.

Noraini said she was convinced that the deal was genuine after she changed the notes. So, when the men asked her for another RM75,000, she paid them.

Later, they told Noraini that due to some complications at the vault, the money had been ‘frozen’ and that they had to buy new liquid from Singapore.

“They also asked me to pay another RM75,000 to buy the liquid as there was something wrong with the previous purchase,” she said.

“It was then that it struck me that I had been tricked.

“It was a well-organised scam in which they had baited me from the very beginning,” Noraini said.

She urged Malaysians to be careful, saying: “I am a teacher and yet I was tricked out my life savings.

“They can be very convincing but from this experience, I have learnt that we cannot let ourselves be fooled.

“We must always check with the authorities for verification,” she added.

The Star frontpaged a report yesterday that Malaysians had been conned of as much as RM20mil by African tricksters in the past few years in at least 11 internationally-known scams ranging from Black Money to inheritances which promise non-existent wealth.

Not sure if this story is real or not but if this is true then may be this person is "GREEDY" and "Stupid". It is easier to stirke a lottery than to have some one you know for may be a few months to give you a few Million Bucks.

So Bottom line is: "Don't be Greedy". Cherish and treasure what you have now.

It is like giving up a bucket of Silver for a 'Promise' on a Mountian of Gold.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Trapped at Jusco Autogate

I was trapped at JUSCO Kinta City Autogate for more than 1/2 hour due to 'Black out' in Ipoh Garden area. The autogate won't work and there is no backup power supply which is enough to sustain the system. I was disappointed that Kinta City management had failed to contain the problem in less than 1/2 hour. They should have anticipated that power failure in Malaysia is quite common due to power cable theft, poor maintenance and other kind of nonsense reasons. I believe the losses on this night is quite high as the cashier system, most of the customer just dump thier trolley and walked out frustrated. This means extra work for the workers to place back al the items and clean up the area. Theft is also possible since the RFID scanning device failed to function.
So the point is "Please get a better BACKUP system".