Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Filter Upgrade K&N

13 July 2010:
My old OEM filter.

Finally I am getting a Filter upgrade. So let the picture do the talking.
The filter came pre-oiled but it seem to be not enough, so I added some oil from the cleaning kit (see below)

The cleaning and re-oiling kit :

The kit installed:
Note: One problem seen is that the Filter charger does allow more air to flow thru it. Now the CAI that I DIY is some how felt restrictive and need some modification to allow more air mass to go into the filter charger.

Battery Kong!

1 July 2010:

My ACDELCO batter finally went dead after nearly 3 years of service. Take note on the Negavite terminal connection. A piece of lead is added as the el-cheapo way to enlarge the terminal. (The original car terminal is Large diameter which the Japan spec half cut wiring is using a Small diameter connector.) Wo when i get my battery replaced my mechanic went to half cut shop and get me a proper negative terminall connector (Small diameter) from a toyota AE111. It fits perfectly and has additional wire for grounding (Toyota cars always have better grounding setup).

My new replacement battery is from South Korea (Rocket Brand). At about half of ACDelco battery price, i think this is worth a try as it is also a true MF (Dry battery). The reason i start liking the MF batter is because you will never get a battery water stain on the hood.

My Hit absorber KONG!

On 26 June 2010:

After about nearly 2 years of service my HIT HI-LOW absorber kit has leaked on the rear driver side. (One is leaking and the other is still ok) (The repair cost for One Pair is RM 400 without warranty is not worth the risk).
It it time for change. After reviewing the options and budget the below unit is picked (thanks to Jimmy aka Podz experince with it ) GAB SS Series for Honda EG.
The final height adjustment
per below picture and soft har for all 4 is set at 18 (comfort drive). If
need more stability, i think at least a setting of 8
and above is mandatory. The downside of the harder setting is the car will have
to absorb more impact to the body if the road is uneven.