Sunday, September 27, 2009


Snatch-theft victim, 17, dies from injuries


Ahmad Fairuz Othman

(Taken from NST Online)

JOHOR BARU: Tan Shu Fang had her whole life ahead of her, but it came to an abrupt end after she succumbed to injuries due to a snatch theft.

The 17-year-old student from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Mutiara Rini 2 in Skudai breathed her last at 5pm on Friday.

The younger of two siblings never recovered from her coma after sustaining severe head injuries during the snatch theft nine days earlier.

The Sept 17 incident at Jalan Pendekar 1 in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai, occured when Tan was riding pillion with her mother Leong Ah Kui, 53, on motorcycle.

Housewife Leong Ah Kui, 53, (right) with her late daughter, snatch theft victim Tan Shu Fang, in an undated picture.
Housewife Leong Ah Kui, 53, (right) with her late daughter, snatch theft victim Tan Shu Fang, in an undated picture.

They were heading to a nearby Public Bank to withdraw money to pay for Tan's tuition class fees. Two men on motorcycle approached the mother and daughter, and one of them snatched Tan's handbag.

Both mother and daughter fell off their motorcycle while the culprits fled the scene.

Leong, who related the incident during a Press conference at the Skudai State Assemblyman Dr Boo Cheng Hau's service centre yesterday, said her daughter suffered a fit and began foaming in the mouth after falling backwards off the motorcycle.

She said passers-by helped to bring Tan to a nearby government polyclinic.

Tan, who was already unconscious at that time, was later transfered to the Sultanah Aminah Hospital's intensive care unit.

Prior to her death, Tan underwent two surgeries to treat blood clots in her brain.

"My hopes for her future are dashed now that she's gone. She was a bright stduent who wanted to further her studies at the tertiary level. Her life was cut short because of those criminals," said Leong, who could not contain her emotions during the Press conference.

Meanwhile, State police chief Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said the police were tracing the two snatch thieves and would bring them to book.

"We are doing our very best to hunt them down," said Mokhtar. He urged those with information on the incident to contact the Johor police at 07-221 2999 or the nearest police station.

Snatch thief is a very serious problem in Malaysia. Has our GOV gone full force to combat this? If they can send multiple units of FRU and Police to Perak GOV and to Spray water cannon at Public demonstrator, why can't they put more effort in preventing snatch thief? We need Police to set up traps in area prone to sntach thieve. Normally the thief is drug addicts, how is our GOV doing in combating Drugs in Malaysia? We have multiple International Drug syndicate in our country, why are these people can walk like a free man here?

The last question is, does the girl wear a helmet? If yes, it is almost impossible to have a head injury serious enough to cause celerbral damage to the back brain. So to all Bikers, Please wear your helmet and secure it to your head properly.

Now another life is lost due to this stupid problem in public security.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Turquoise Discus

I have just purchased 6 juvenile discuss from a forum ( ) member (Alan). They are a very good buy as all of them is very health and acclimate very easily to my tank. They all actively feeding on tetra bit just after 5 hours of getting into my tank. (I wass worried they would reject Tetra bit as they were fed using beef heart by Alan.

With the 6 juvenile banded Turquoise Discus added to the tank, now I have 7 Discuss, 4 Panda Cory, 2 Rummy nose Tetra and 1 Spotted Pleco in the tank.

You might find it weird that i have clean out the whole tank as it was a planted tank before. Well my tank was over run by green slime algae, it was my mistake to change both lamp bulb to Toshiba's. It was way too bright and contribute lots to the growth. I eventually clan up the tank removing the sand and stones and algae covered drift wood and plants. It is lot of work and was done in one day.It is easier to keep bare tank as i can just clean stuff of it and siphon it off.

If you want to buy Turquoise Discus, let me know and i will bring you to Alan.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Realigned the fog lights and Yellow bulb.

I just got my Fog lamp re-aligned and fitted with "Gold" yellow bulbs. Now it is really a good FOG lamp. I have no need to worry about rain or foggy area.
The 1st image (Before) is less yellow and the light merged to one due to alignment issue.
The 2nd image (After) is much more yellowish and the light beam have been aligned (can see 2 beams). At rainy time and Foggy time, the yellow beam is more useful compared to the white ones.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hankook V12 EVO Update.

I finally managed to test the tyres in rain yesterday, the car can accelerate, corner and brake very well in rain....... the confidence level is higher than Neova. Feels almost same as dry grip, the only lacking is the slower steering response when compared to Neova. This is probally due to the softer side wall which privide good comfort and much less road noise. So for RM215 a peice, it is worth to grab it as a very worthy UHP Tyre. So now lets see if it wears well too. But with Thread 280, Traction AA, Temperature A, 195/55/15 85V (Max speed rating is 240kmh) you can't go wrong much.

Monday, September 14, 2009

New Tyre Installed

I have finally got my Tyre installed. I need to budget and choose a tyre which is more suitable for outstation and have very good water displacement without hydroplaning the car XD. After reviewing online, I have stream lined to Either RE001 or Hankook V12 EVO (RS2 only for 16 inch above).

In Ipoh, 195/50/15 RE001 cost RM250 per unit while the 195/55/15 Ventus V12 cost ~RM225 per unit. I managed to find a shop that sells the Ventus V12 to me at RM215 without the tips (I have metal tips which still last). Got it (date code 2009) install for RM860 with balancing and alignment. After they have done, I drove it back to my work place. After work I directly go to find "Tall Guy" (Kou Low) at Jalan Dato Shell station for revalidation of the alignment, Camber and balancing. After he is done, the car fell smoother.

My initial evaluation of the tyre: For that price I paid, it is worth it. As I have only drove my car with Neova, i can only compare this tyre with Neova (initial eval). It has softer side wall. More water run ways for rain. Compare to Neova, V12 feels slightly less grippy and less responsive to steering input (But still in acceptable limit). It is more comfortable (absorb road bumps well) and quiet. I still need to test it in the rain (update later).

Info below is taken from:


-Solid center rib block

The solid rib block in the center enhances braking performance. It also ensures optimal ground contact pressure and control response at high speeds for excellent handling.
-Efficient water drainage

Wide linear grooves and aggressive Y-shape pattern design effectively channels water away from the tire.
1) Jointless Bead Wire & High Hardness Bead Filler:

Improves high speed stability while maximizing steering response and durability without sacrificing ride comfort.

2) Wide, High-Tensile Steel Belts & Jointless Two-Cap Ply:

Enhances tread strength for added steering response and wear resistance. This also improves uniformity for a smooth ride and durability.

3) Rim Protector

Provides better protection against outer shock or rim scratches.
-High density nylon reinforcement belt:

Optimized for even distribution of ground contact pressure during cornering.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

FOG lamps......

I have chanced on a set of Hella 530 Clear Fog lamps. It uses 55W 12V H3 bulbs as standard. As my car is lack of fog lamp and the original used unit is snapped up like hot cakes by the locals (imagine paying for RM250 for a pair of used Fog lamps), so i took it and got it installed by the shop selling it. I tested it at night near 12.30am when the petrol station have closed, they have a wall at a very dark corner for me to align the lights.
Now it is safer to drive in FOG, Rain or very dark roads as the view does have improvement.

Views from inside of the car. Those Red Blue bins are trash cans and you know how big are those, this is for you to estimate the distance to the wall which is more or less than 8~10 meters.

No light:

Just Fog light:

Just Head light:

Both Fog light and Head light:

My Neova.........

The pictures says a thousand words. My Neova is near EOL..... hitting the safety limit. If you go back to old dated Blog, I start to use Neova since my odo is at 37k km (Around Feb~Mar 2008). It have served me well for 23k km or 18 months time. As you noticed, there is still thread on all 4 tyres but i am not willing to compromise the safety of my family so a replacement is on the way. I will keep these for special occasions if there will be any.