Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Project

My 10 year old faithful PC have finally take a good rest after the motherboard failed early this month. I was deciding to buy a PC, a laptop or just use my dear's laptop. I have tried for 2 weeks to use my dear's laptop but finally i think i should get my own PC.

I get to choose my own hardware this time and insisted to have a better setup than the last one.

My Graphic Card:

Check out the Size of this thing. I has SMT and Selective Wave soldering process to ensure temperature control and no manual hand soldering. It also have Gold Finger protector and I am very sure one of the director in the company i worked for wants it really badly. Now i got no excuse so i will use it as a sample for process improvement... sigh.. why do i have to talk about work when blogging? (Our Japanese customer audit is really driving me nuts...... need to release tension).

Tractor in Malaysia Roads.

This is so funny, the whole road is blocked and jam by a tractor. Malaysia actually allows tractor to share the same road and have road tax? This is our Road and Tranport plan to slow down cars on the road? hehehehehe......... very funny ya? Malaysia Boleh!