Monday, March 31, 2008

Project SR4 Update 31Mar2008

Some preview on the car at the painting room. The engine bay will be painted soon :). Today i bought a pair of head lights from Chop shop but forget to take pic, . The new head lights is plastic so i am keeping the original glass ones (right side braket broken liow so i change lor). Besides that i bought the car care items too from Jusco with 20% discount.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Project SR4 Update 29Mar2008

Today went the paint shop again, needless to say the picture tells u my car is now on painting process in New One Auto Painting. The color is Liquid Orange :) Probally only my SR4 is this color in Ipoh (it is quite rare for me to see this color).
I also did some hunting for me steering wheel as the one on my car is no good (the plastic has detached from the metal so feeling is loose), lucky for me i found one in the chop shop Fu Lian at last minute as i was giving up (I have check may places in Menglembu). I like the original steering la.

This is for Koh: This is what u call a MONSTER :). Most of the steel plates has been coverted to aluminium and the Glass windshield is now Arclic or Perspex. Full custome areodynamic body kit with carbon fiber hood and GT wing.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Clay which Brand to use?

Went to JJ today as my baby boy wants to walk there :), so i took the opportunity to check out on some of the clay. There is only 2 choice Soft99 Clay and Perma Glass Clay No 2. There is a 20% discount on PG Clay (Offer until 6 April2008), which is better?

Glass polished is also on my list. I know Stoner "Invisible Glass" is best but i can not get one in Ipoh. How about T-Cut from Carplan, any anyone use?

Project SR4 Update 27Mar08

Went to see my car again today. The paint shop have taken off all lights and bumper. The car now looks really naked. Hope fully it can get the new clothes soon. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunday shopping

Since i have parked my ride in the paint shop on Saturday, now i need to wait and see. We went to Jusco on Sunday after breakfast, there is Sale there until 6 April 2008. Then I went to the auto dept for a quick look see. A sales guy saw me and introduce me to the Turtle Wax ICE polish, normal price is RM99.90 but after discount 20% the price is ~RM79.92. He demonstarted the ease of use and due to curiosity i bought the paste.

Note: Above Black Trim surface is applied with ICE. Bottom is normal condition (no ICE).

I tried it on my wife's Kenari. Apply it on paint, rubber and chrome. It is really easy to get it on. After 5 minutes, removing it needs a little effort but by comparison is still much easier than other product i have used. The good thing is it is quite fast and easy to apply (less than 1 hour for a kenari) and NO WHITE residue which i normally hate when polishing cars.

The down side is the shine is still not show room level but what the heck it is less than RM100 and only takes about 40~50 minutes for the whole car. Last night when my wife came home from work, i was suprised that the car looks dry. The water bead off the paint work nicely.

Project SR4 Update 25 Mar 2008

24 March 2008: I went to the Paint shop to check on my ride. They have removed the lights and rear spoiler. They also suggested not to installed the rear spoiler as the originl spoiler is just a cosmetic item and it is really heavy. If i really wanted down force, GT wing should be a better choice. So i take their advice to remove the rear spoiler :).

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Project SR4 Update

Naza guys busy removing the windscreen and interior panels.
I was kind of busy lately with my work and family. The project SR4 needs to be update never the less. :)
On last Thursday I have changed the bonnet, right wing and front bumper as the old ones is too badly damaged and not worth the cost to repair. The part is original SR4 parts.
Today i have brought the Civic to remove the front and rear windscreen to prepare for painting, the whole interior was disassembled leaving only the dashboard intact.
I drove the car to the paint shop and lucky for me it does not rain yet as i have no wind screen.
Next update should be after 2 weeks (the car paint should be completed).
I choose Glasurit top coat.

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Car Project Update1

Back dated post: (Last week events)

New wheels installed with track suspension system. There is not enough gap to put ONE finger between the tyre and the car wheel arc. I am so worried that i won't be able to go to work. If there is trouble i would have to fork out more MYR$ to get a propoer set of suspension system.

Stay Tune for the next update :).

A New Begining

Hi friends; for those who read my post would probally realized that i have deleted the old post.
We should forget the past bad memories and learn to cherish every seconds of our life. To live life to the fullest and yet take the responsibility that comes with it.
Life is so precious and yet so fragile. To know what u have and to know how to apprecite what u have is priceless.