Friday, October 31, 2008

Innocent Person release?

Political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda walked out a free man from the High Court here after two years of standing trial for abetment in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.

I am not surprised at all!..... If someone did not do it then why punish this person? But this does not make this person a victim. This person admitted to have relationship with the REAL victim (already dead la...). In LAW; this person is guilty but not amounting to murder! Thank GOD that this person's family does not loose a family member in such a stupid way. Initially he claims that he is the one who have a sex relationship with the REAL victim. So is he telling the truth?........ Where is the evidence? Court has rule that is NOT true. All Bullshit!

If this person did not do it, WHO DID? The fact is the women have died (murdered) and some one blew her up. Nothing can change that. Do we know why she was blown up? I am so stupid that I DO not know. Any way.... we should expect "CASE CLOSE ALREADY?"......

PEtrol to go down 15 sen again. So What!

This dumb..... Oil per barrel price is lower than it was 6 months ago. Six months ago we pay RM1.92 per liter but now we have to pay RM2.15, which is higher......WHY?
Did our GOV subsidize us RM0.30 per liter? OR we actually subsidize them back?
But there is no point at all even if the petrol would return to 1.92, all the other necessity (food) have already gone up.... Who is going to help the rakyat to bring it down? HOW?
Raising the cost of living by more than 30% over a THREE months period is the most numbskull mistake that a "Leader" can make to his/her country. Thank GOD this is not going to be prolonged as the replacement is on the way up. The rakyat will make sure of that in every other elections.