Monday, November 24, 2008

Crashed... Who is the cause?

Car which was installed with the video recorder. (Satria GTI Mivec)

Car which was involved and suffered broken bumper. (EG6 VTEC)

Who do u think is the issue? My suspect is EG6 'understeer' hit the GTI on the door while trying to overtake from behind right side on a right turn. Bad move as the GTI have much better torque at corners.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

What about Inflation?

Taken from TheStar.
Guan Eng: Petrol prices should be slashed more

PETALING JAYA: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng called on Finance Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to slash petrol prices to RM1.52 per litre as the international oil price was now below US$50 per barrel.

“This was the price charged at pumps when oil prices were below US$50 per barrel in 2005,” Lim said in a statement on Sunday.

“It is only appropriate, fair and responsible that the Government reduce the price to RM1.52 now instead of waiting for two more weeks,” he said, adding that the reduction would help restore investor and public confidence.

“Instead of paying subsidies, the Government would also save more than RM10bil if prices remained stable,” Lim claimed.

He added that the failure to reduce prices would only raise eyebrows on why prices were increased quickly while lowering prices seemed more difficult.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad said on Saturday that fuel prices may drop another 15sen by the end of the month following the decline in global oil prices.
Well said YB Lim, we would totally agree with you on the investor type of relation ship and how this could help our economy. BUT the question is "How is this going to benefit the RAKYAT?" Bringing in more investor would not reduce the issue of inflation. As we all know inflation is the biggest problems in developed country such as Hong Kong and Japan but why it does not really affect European county that badly? Inflation is triggered by the sudden fuel price spike, that s common knowledge. But now that the fuel have gone down following the world trend, have the food and other daily necessity's price gone down too? What is so GREAT that a FEW mega store cut some of the prices? Char kuey tiow is only RM2.30 per plate before the fuel spike (Petrol is RM 1.92), it went up till RM3.00 per plate when the petrol is RM2.70. Now that the petrol has gone down to RM 2.00 per liter, why does the Char Kuey Tiow is still RM3.00 per plate? Reason is simple, why should the traders or hawkers reduce the price? Who is the competition when everyone already raise their price and refuse to go down? What role does EACH state GOV can do to help? Can this be debated in Parliment? Discussion on this is a better choice of debate then all the other stupid "TALK COCK" that we read in the newspaper! How shameful would this be when it was shown on the internet??

Petrol to go down more? What about OTHERS?

Petrol prices likely to come down by another 15 sen
By MAZWIN NIK ANIS (Taken form The Star.

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysians can look forward to another 15 sen cut in fuel price by the end of the month, bringing pump prices to a two-year low of RM1.85 per litre.

The lowest price the people paid for fuel prior to the recent escalating global oil prices was RM1.92 per litre in March 2006 before it was increased to RM2.70 per litre on June 5, this year.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad said further reduction was “not impossible” judging from the decline in global prices for the commodity.

“Malaysians can expect good news and pay less for petrol. As it is, consumers have been paying unsubsidised petrol the past few days.

“But the Government will have to continue to subsidise diesel and gas so the money is channelled for these purposes,” he said after attending the ministry’s family day yesterday.

On Nov 18, the Government slashed prices of petrol and diesel by 15sen.

The current pump price for RON97 is RM2 per litre while RON92 is sold at RM1.90 per litre. Diesel is sold at RM1.90 per litre.

Shahrir said while Malaysians were now paying slightly more for fuel than the market price, the additional money paid by consumers went back to the Government’s coffers and did not increase revenue collected by petrol companies or stations.

“Even the Government is not making money from the difference. This is because we have paid RM15bil to date this year in subsidy and there are other things that continue to need subsidy.”

He said the decline in global oil prices reflected weakening in demand, which could also be dangerous as this showed that people were not spending and that economies were weak.

The minister said he had emphasised to traders time and again to bring down the price of goods as reasonably priced goods would create higher demand.

The petrol is no long much a factor, now it is the inflation that the 78sen hike impact which is making the RAKYAT suffer. Since the petrol has gone down, the price of food and other necessity is not down at all. All the hawkers/traders is using the excuse "MY supplier have not cut their price sown!. The supplier will say my tyre price is still not down.... ETC ETC...."EXCUSES".
We must understand that now family is not too big most ly about 3~4 members which is not economical to cook. Eating out side is cheaper, but the impact of the price hike have much burden the RAKYAT where, we have to fork out more to feed our family (NOTE: Salary no increase this year at all). What can the GOV do for us? How to control the price of food and service? How about taking a good look at Singapore where they haveprice controlled ood stall which GOV help to set up and control the price of hawkers food? Think about it :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Malaysia Gov Cheats?

Taken from TheStar,
Government not paying petrol subsidies

KUALA LUMPUR: The Government has stopped paying petrol subsidies since the beginning of this month due to lower global oil prices, Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad said.

“The savings on petrol subsidies next year is expected to be more than RM10bil if oil prices remain stable,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby yesterday.

Shahrir said that at US$65 (RM235) per barrel the Government would not be paying subsidies and that the focus now would be on deciding whether to set a floor price or figuring out a way for the Government to get some income from the sale of petrol.

“Even with petrol retailing at RM2 per litre, we are not paying any subsidy. We have actually arrived at a time when the price can return to RM1.92,” he said.

“In that context, we hope to be able to set a policy to address this when the National Eco­nomic Council meets next. There must be a decision made on what the floor price should be.”

Shahrir said that for six months from September 2001 to February 2002 the Govern­ment had collected taxes from the retail sale of petrol but had stopped that practice since then.

“Earlier announcements of how much the subsidies cost us, even as recent as 2005 or 2006, always included how much we had foregone in terms of taxes.

“We have stopped doing this, however, and just focused on how much subsidy we are paying,” Shahrir said, adding that the Government was now enjoying some revenue due to the difference in the ex-refinery price and the price oil companies sold petrol to station operators.

He added that the revenue being taken now was a form of tax that could max out at 60 sen per litre.

Shahrir also released information on the amount of fuel subsidies paid so far, which have amounted to RM15.57bil as at the end of October.

Fuel subsidies last year cost the Government RM16.18bil.

The fuel subsidies in October amounted to RM610mil, compared with RM2.99bil in May when oil prices peaked at over US$120 (RM432) per barrel.

What the hell are they talking about? See how our beloved sleepy head "EAT HIS OWN WORDS" (Gov will continue to subsidize RM0.30sen NO matter what BULLSHIT). Even more Funnier is "Our Gov STOPPED subsidized and the saving?" What saving? The petrol proces should be below RM1.70 mark.... Our Gov is forcing us to buy at RM2.00 per liter. So our Gov is actually making PROFIT from the RAKYAT. Oi...... U think the Rakyat is stupid ah.... We shall wait for next GE or better still if Pakatan Rakyat can trigger another emergency GE. Then Gov shall see how smart the RAKYAT is NOW! Don't be an Asshole and rip off your Rakyat, WE shall MAKE U PAY! Smarten up! IT is TIME to change the GOV, not change the Rakyat.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

PM: Opposition MPs walked away from responsibility?

Taken form the Star,
PM: Opposition MPs walked away from responsibility

KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi took Opposition MPs to task their walkout Wednesday yesterday and likened the action to "walking away from responsibility."

He said if they had not walked out, the sitting would have been able to discuss the details of the stimulus package tabled by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak without the need to adjourn the proceedings this morning to clear confusions that arose.

Dewan Rakyat's proceedings was adjourned for 45 minutes on Wednesday to ease tension after several Opposition MPs raised questions claiming confusion over whether Budget 2009 tabled on Aug 29 or the RM7bil stimulus package introduced Tuesday was approved for second reading.

"The Supplementary Supply Bill is a very important Bill. It details the budget proposal for the year 2009," he told reporters at the parliament lobby.

He said Opposition members appeared to be trying to disturb the proceedings by repeatedly raising points of order despite warnings from Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia.

Asked about the claim by Opposition members that Najib was "arrogant" for not giving them opportunities to interject to seek clarification, Abdullah said, "I don't think he is arrogant.”

“I think he just wanted to read out quickly the details of the stimulus package."

Asked if there was a need to amend the Supplementary Supply Bill 2009 as demanded by the Opposition, Abdullah said there was no necessity to do so. - Bernama

Who is not responsible now? Does our PM knows how serious is an unclear Budget on our country would affect the economy? Parliment meetings is to discuss the issues. What is the use of Parliment if certain party can BULLDOZER all the way till end of meeting without answering VALID questions? Think Again Please!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Card system mulled to replace fuel rebates

Taken from The Star
Consumer Research and Resource Centre Paul Selva Raj said the fuel rebate system would not be necessary if the subsidy was scrapped and redirected to develop the public transportation system.

“People took the RM625 fuel rebate for granted and did not see the value. They don’t understand that the rebate is only short term,” he said.

This is another stupid and contradicting statement from GOV ppl, if this rebate is for temporary why do Abdullah Badawi raise the petrol ~40% and induce so much hardship to the ppl? Just for a "TEMPORARY" issue, we are all in deep shit with economic crumbled and INFLATION soars. IDIOT!

I do not think the GOV dared to cancel the rebate as the ppl will scream "NOT FAIR". The fuel price caused hardship to every one and only the road tax renewal date is affection the pay out... But what about those hardcore poor who do not even own motorclycle, let alone car? IDIOT again?

Second astronaut plan may be reviewed. WHAT?

Taken from the Star:
PETALING JAYA: A review seems likely of the plan to send the country's second astronaut into space in 2011 or 2012 in view of the uncertain global economy.
Deputy Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Fadhillah Yusof said on Monday that priority had to be given to more important programmes in view of the current economic situation.
Major Dr Faiz Khaleed, the candidate to make the space trip, would continue to attend the scheduled training sessions to create awareness and kindle the interest of young people in science and technology, which was necessary to boost the nation's competitiveness, he told reporters after launching an ISO 26000 seminar on "Guidance on Social Responsibility: Impact on Trade and Social Development in South-East Asia".

Please tell me how this can benefit us? Last time we ate Roti Canai in space. Now what? Make Roti Canai in space. Keep training astronaut means keep taking our taxpayers money. Please invest in something more substantial to develop our country, use the money to improve education 'delivery' (proper school) would be a much better choice. Do not teach our new generation to make roti canai in space unless Malaysia is planning to have 7 or 10 STAR hotel on the Moon. What a joke!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Petrol to CAP at RM1.92? GOV to remove subsidy!

Quote in The Star:
Shahrir, who said the average world crude oil price for October was US$76.40 (RM267.40) per barrel, said the average for November might go below US$70.
“So (if this happens) the price of petrol at the retail level will probably go back to RM1.92 per liter,” he said.
As a cap has been placed on a price of RM1.92 per liter, he said if the world crude oil price goes down even lower than that, the Government could end its fuel subsidy and use the money for other purposes.

Yet again GOV proves to be the not trustworthy. They use the OIL price upscale to justify the petrol price increase and cause so much burden to the Rakyat. They even promised to up hold the RM0.30 subsidy NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN.
Reading the article in "TheStar" shows that GOV already eating their own words.
Take a GOOD look at Thailand, their fuel prices is not subsidized BUT they have no Tax on car, no road tax, and no TOLL. Can our GOV do that? Ha ha ha ha....
If you want to follow the global fuel price, we the rakyat is not stupid and believe in all to dumb calculation estimate which was shown to us. We just need to take a glance at Thailand Petrol price..... WE are SMART but not power yet, wait till the next Election! We will show u. Els; please smarten up or change your line up. M'sia GOV is OBSOLETE!