Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3 July 2012:
My car battery died at the factory during lunch time. It was raining quite heavily after work, me and my colleague (Kwee) has to jump start the car in the rain. It is lucky that Chong has a good jumper wire the original Toyota jumper wire is lousy and did not work. Finally got my battery replaced at the shop. Thank you to Kwee, Cecelia and Chong :)....

I was wondering if my alternator is bad so I check it with multimeter:
1) Battery only: 12.79V.
2) Ignition ON: 13.90V (alternator kicks in)
3) Head lights: 13.89V
4) HL + AC On: 13.80V
5) HL+AC+ Stereo On: 13.72V
6) HL+AC+Stereo+ Spot Light On: 13.05V (Big drop when HL+SL On)
7) HL+AC+Steroe+SL+ Heater On: 12.63V (Battery will drain)

Lesson Learned: Do not use spot light if you don't have to. :)
Improvement: Noticed that HID lights takes up less Voltage. May change the Spot light to HID bulbs.

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