Monday, December 20, 2010

Wheel Stand.

The G27 wheel, i know that a wheel stand is needed. After some online checking, i found that most after market wheel stand does not come cheap! One of the most popular is the WheelstandPro which cost about RM600.

I checked online for some DIY wheel stand and those do look good. But building one will not be easy as the material needed is difficult to get and i do not have a lot of wood work tools.

I managed to find good desk which is then moded to have a gear shift lever mount. This is what i got for under RM60 (this is 10% of the Wheelstand Pro price.)

Now that the steering wheel is well mounted, i can start to learn use it properly.

Monday, December 13, 2010

GT5 Titanium BLUE

Finally I get my long awaited Goodies. I have started to Play GT since PS1 was in the market and kept on playing until GT4 in PS2. After much awaiting GT5 finally released with PS3 and this ticked me off to get the Special Titanium BLUE set. As per all the GT series played, GT5 is the current BOMB, realistic and my guess it those Battle Gear machine at Jusco will be swapping flies.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dinner at Puchong "Tak Fok" Crab

We went to Puchong yesterday and have dinner at "Tak Fok" which specialized in "Cheese Crab" and also "Salted Egg Crab". They have other on the menu such as fish but one more is worth pointing out is their Homemade Tofu which has very good topping. Better to book early because this place will be jamed packed by 7.00pm. We were there at 5.30pm and waited for my wife's cousin until 6.15pm before confirming the order. The service there is quite good althou they have their hand's full. The price is quite acceptable.