Monday, April 27, 2009

S2000 for Sale (JDM)

Hi All,

There is a really nice stock S2k for sale at RM120k ~ RM130k. Points to know:
1) It will have full original accessory (hard top included).
2) It is a ONE owner car and the owner really takes care of it.
3) Year of Manufactured: 1999 JDM
4) Car color: Yellow (ori Paint and not changed till today!)

Let me know if you are serious to buy.

Note: I will buy TOTO this week and if strike enough cash, i will buy this car my self.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Phone Holder DIY

Over the weekend I DIY the phone holder for my N82.
Item used: Recycle Gauge stand (former Oil press gauge stand), Phone hard cover (buy from Yik Fong) and double side tape. This stand is quite sturdy and i think your phone will not fall down (Like TK's phone :)... Just Joking). If you want to mount it on the dash, stick the gauge stand on the dash and then only stick the plasticd hard cover to ensure your phone is straight. Make sure you cover the plastic from direct sunlight else it will melt.

Fold Down when not using GPS. (Can place phone on it when using loudspeaker).

Fold Up when using GPS. (Need to use Allen Key to release and tighten the gauge holder screw).

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

N82 (AP or Original, which one will you buy?)

I need to get a better phone so i was looking and saw the N82. (I remembered TK has one and I can know for sure the camera and video is acceptable quality)
The question is should I get the AP (RM1k) or the Original (RM1.3~1.4k)?

The feature I like is:
5 MP Camera with Xenon Flash.
GPS with good lock on and response.
Hot swap memory card.
Direct TV Out.
Wifi (Browsing and IM chat)
30 fps Video.
Update: I bought the Original :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

K20A is possible for SR4/EG (5th Gen Civic)

This engine alone will set one back by at least RM20k~25k. The infamous K20A in 5th Gen Civic. But i guess this can not be done legally as the displacement is 2.0l where max for this model is only 1.6l which can be upgrade legally to 1.8l only.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

SIC (virtual runs)

I wanted so much to go....... But family comes 1st before personal pleasure. Check it out.