Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 The CNY of the Water Dragon.

Little did I realize that it has almost been 1 year this blog is left untouched.

I did not did not do much performance upgrade to the SR4 as it is now already in the 4th year in my hands. Pretty much stabilized, so just need to maintain and up keep.

2012 is known to be a challenging year for the Horse. I have to re-focus my effort to establish more contacts/network, both at work and socially.

There are some die hard bad habits which I really need to get rid of:
1) Sleeping late. (It is 2.30am now)
2) Poor listener. (I like to cut in middle of the conversation to emphaize my thoughts or drops questions. One of the reason i found my self dong this is because I worry if the idea is forgotten. So now I plan to bring a pen and paper to jot down the questions/thoughts when others talks, it will then be used to refresh my memory for converstation later and in doing so I hope it can train my mind to remember.) "Listen, Think, View and ask questions or comment later."

So the list now stands at 2 items and i know there is more but lets get this started and I will now go to sleep. Hopefully I can sleep before 12.00am every day from today onwards.

Good night. So let's see if I am sucessfull to change my habits now.