Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Update on SR4

26Mar2013: Just managed to get over a hard time on having Engine Error code CEL9. This codes shows as CYP which Cylinder Position Error that is normally caused by Distributor, ECU or Wiring.
It is very hard to find a proper distributor to replace my current unit and finally i give up on finding a Half cut B16A distributor. My mechanic managed to get a SV4 distributor and salvage the Sensors and ignition coil packs from it and refit to my distributor housing.

However the car is still throwing a CEL9 (puzzled), later he managed to get a B16A ecu (auto) to test my car. The CEL9 is gone and a new CEL19 appears, this is expected as CEL19 is on Transmission system (My car is a manual, the ECU is auto). This tells us the ECU is problematic. I then managed to source a B16A (FEELS) ECU from IJAN (ECU Seller). We fitted the FEELS ECU and the car starts without CEL9. Happily I thought it was over and done, but after ~4 minutes the CEL9 pops up again. Bewildered we check with another ECU and yet it happens again. In the end I still end up buying the FEELS ECU as after he open my current ECU cover and found the capacitor are indeed leaking.

With an unanswered question in mind "WHY it still comes out? CEL9 Why!", i drove home and get some sleep. After clearing my mind from confusion, with some time an internet research was done and some discussion with experts went thru too....

Finally I guess the distributor may still have issue and found out the sensors need to be placed "very" near to the center shaft of the distributor. So i go back to my mechanic and share the thoughts that the sensor position may be too far from the center. The distributor was then dismantled and the sensor is repositioned. Fingers crossed, the car started without CEL9 and pray God that this is finally solved. Attache below is some good guide links for Distributor salvage and some pictures.

 FEEL'S ECU and check out the refitted Distributor with SV4 to SR4 custom made conversion harness.
Take note: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMPORT ANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when you put the sensors in, finger tighten them down and adjust them closest to the center of the dizzy you will need to spin the spindle to get the sensors to push themsleves outward to where they barely touch. Wiggleing the housing in SMALL circles will help with this, THIS IS VERY TIDEOUS ONLY ADJUST AND TIGHTEN DOWN ONE SENSOR AT A TIME REMOVEING THE HOUSING AND TIGHTENING THE SENSOR AFTER EACH ADJUSTMENT START WITH THE LOWEST SENSOR FIRST!!!!. besure that the housing lines up with its perspective holes to insure the sensors have clearance when the housing is screwed in....NOTE: the sensors can never be too close, but if they are too far away they will throw CEL codes and missfire.