Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Kicks....

Finally got my shoes replaced. I bought the Asics Gel-1150 and gets the Puma SL Tech as gift (thanks to my Dearest Better Half ).

Asics Gel-1150: I have started to use the Asics and found it great for running and moving around (It is a running shoe so it is expected). I tried it when driving and found that these are not suitable for driving. They are too plushy and less sensative. It is designed to absorb impact when running so this is the payoff. I will use these for running or Gym. These shoes is really light and comfortable when compared to Brooks, Reebok and Nike (at same price range).

Puma SL Tech: I have just tried these in the shop and all I can say that it beats the crap out of Adidas (at the same price range). They feel comfy to be able to walk around and the grip is quite good. I will start to use these tomorrow and will update the experince. I have checked numerous online review and comment and all of them is saying these are very good for driving so lets see tomorrow. These weight just about 10 oz and they are the lightest sneakers that I have ever owned. I love light shoes and sandals.