Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Project (Pedal)

Did on Sunday 31 Oct 2010. I notice that new pedal is needed when one of the rubbber pedal covers dropped off when I was driving, lucky that I am used to small pedals at "Kenari aka Dihatsu Move".
I have went around to find a suitable pedal and finally the set was found. It is the same design and manufacturer that I used on my "Wira aka Mit Lancer" 7 years ago. The unti is going last as long as your car can.
The unit came with clip bracket but knowing that Rivet is more reliable, I decided to rivet it. Diy steps per below and picture per order:
1) Original Pedals.
2) Look that the tear.
3) New pedals (I rubbed off all the printing "Type R" with thinner as by experiance i know it will look ugly when some of it start to come off due to wear in the future).
4) Some Double sided tape is applied to the new Pedals.
5) Stick the unit to the car's pedal (Temporary for placing location confirmation)
6) Drill and Rivet the center hole to hold the part in place while need to see the light.
7) Bog wood need to be used to prevent the Gas pedal from being too close to car chasis. (The drill bit may hit the car if too close to the firewall.)
8) Complete Assembly.