Thursday, April 29, 2010

Project SR4 Update.

It has been a while since there is an update on my ride. Since i have got the car 2 years ago, it has a very annoying "Tick" "Tick" "Tick " sound when the engine reved over certain RPM. Since then I have been doing some online research and found out that the most Possible Culprit is the LMA. The Old design of Honda LMA have a tendency to have a problem with insufficient spring tension to push the VTEC Roker arm resulting in some interference of knocking in the engine.

Finally I took up the courage to go ahead and have it changed as i am very positive that the sound is caused by the LMA. So I bought 8 units of LMA (New Design is acutally a Large Spring).

LMA in pakage and kept submerged in Engine Oil before use.

Last weekend is the limit of my car mileage to change the Timing Belt, Engine Oil and Transmission Oil. So I took the opportunity to have the LMA repalced to solve the problem.

One Unit of OLD LMA removed and the next picture show that the new LMA already assembled into the Engine.

OLD LMA on news paper.

Since the CAM cover have been removed, I decided to Paint it to ensure it is in good condition. The old paint is stripped.


After: Stripped and Re-Painted.

Buddha Jump Over the Wall

It has been 3 months since the last update. I was rather occupied with workload and family matter that i seldom go online to update this Blog.

May thing have happen during this period of time but i can only share some of it (worth sharing).
One of it is "Buddha Jump Over The Wall". This is a traditional Chinese Meal which is served to the Emperor of China. It rumored to be so good that Buddha (Monks) will jump over the wall to get it. My team mates manage to gather 13 people to enjoy this dish (Minimum is to have 10 ppl because the size of this dish is BIG and filling. This is a full set meal until desert but i wll only share some of the key dishes here.

The Main dish is a Pot of sea treasures cooked with Ginseng. It has 3 layer of different variety of sea food such as Shark Fin and Sea cucumber. It was also served with Abalone dish. This meal is good and given a chance, I will definitely go for 2nd round (But we need to gather 10 people again).