Friday, January 15, 2010

Hood (Bonnet) Latch

Recently my friends Podz and Metropro told me they are getting the D1 Spec Hood pin latch. I was wondering after all these years why suddenly they do it? Tehn finally they let the cat out. Their friend have a mishap recently due to the hood (bonnet) pops open when driving on the highway, it was mentioned that the problem is quite serious. Hood, windscreen, roof all damaged and need to replace, but that is all money issues. He is lucky that the car did not involved in serious accident as the whole view is blocked by the hood when it flipped.
I have never experienced this but we can imagine how scary it is to be going on highway speed and suddenly you can not see anything in front of you. This is the reason for them to install the pins/latch.
I was wondering how this can happened so suddenly. So i did a little research, the conclusion is quite simple it would most probably due to the OEM latch and secondary latch failed. Most of the time is the owner of vehicle was negligent in taking care to lubricate and check the latch until it is too late. Dry latch and spring will prevent the hood and latch from locking properly as it will be stuck (not engaged fully) and disaster waiting to happen.
I don't like the hood/bonnet pins as i prefer my car to look as much original as possible can. So instead of getting the hood pins, i will be looking for alternative to improve the locking system maybe with DIY modification that is not that visible. :P

Article from:

    Maintenance to the Hood Latch Components

  1. After many uses and normal wear and tear, the hood latch mechanism has common areas of deterioration. The pull handle, often made of plastic can simply break. The cable can seize up inside the lining (usually on the end attached to the secondary latch where it's exposed to the elements). The secondary and safety latches can dry up being exposed to the elements and not release properly or may not return to the closing position require to close the hood properly. Although a hood release latch may allow you to open a car hood, if it is not functioning properly, it may prevent you from closing it. White lithium grease and regular maintenance are the two best friends a hood latch system has. A small amount of grease on each end of the cable (the interior side of the cable is protected against the elements of weather and deterioration so usually require little maintenance) to lubricate it and prevent it from seizing up inside the lining usually keeps the cable working well. If you wait until the cable is sticking or is seized altogether, you most likely will be too late for the maintenance of the cable and replacement may be required. White grease on the secondary and safety latches is also strongly recommended to keep the latches swinging on the riveted hinges.

    Both the secondary and safety latches also integrate a tension spring. Keeping the springs lubricated helps them restore their tension. Keeping these components lubricated during every oil change will help provide longevity and reliability to the hood latch system.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Looking for a Book

I am currently Looking for this Book:

Tittle: "How to Rebuild Honda B-Series Engines"
Author: Jason Siu

Publisher: Cartech, Inc.
ISBN: 1932494782 (1-932-49478-2)
ISBN-13: 9781932494785 (978-1-932-49478-5)
Format: Softcover, 144 pages. Colour photographs.
Date Published: 2008

Order Code: CT-SA154