Friday, December 25, 2009

20 Liter Rule Bender! (What a joke!)

Credit card way to bend 20-litre fuel cap rule

(Taken form TheStarOnline)

SOME Singaporeans have quickly found ways to circumvent the ruling allowing foreigners to buy only 20 litres of petrol within 50km of the border.

Sin Chew Daily reported that they would use credit cards issued by Malaysian banks to fill up.

Another way was to pay cash for the first 20 litres and use their credit card for the rest.

A third method was to fill up 20 litres from one petrol station and proceed to another for another 20 litres, reported the daily.

Some Singaporeans would fill up at a petrol station and return 15 minutes later to pump petrol again.

A petrol station employee in Tebrau said there was no way to check if the Singaporeans had already gone to a petrol station to fill up before they go to another petrol station.

Ha ha ha ha ha! This is not un-expected. The Petrol Station Owners will sell Petrol to Singaporean no matter what. This is Business so it has nothing to do with Citizenship.

If the Malaysian Gov really want to Curb the out flow of petrol to Singapore, it is actualy not hard. No you don't need to remove the subsidy (unless this is the excuse the Gov is looking for)! What Malaysian Gov and its whole Band of smart Gov people need to figureout is actually:


Is that so hard? IF they have full tank when coming in then they will not be buying it to be used in Singapore! The GOV have a couple hundreds thousands of Degree Holders working for them, why not use these Brains or is "these" Brains Useless?

Ha Ha Ha Ha! (Of course the GOV could be using this as a scape goat to increase the Fuel price again, it that right?)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Perak to have Its Own "International" University.

Published: Sunday December 13, 2009 MYT 12:42:00 PM

(Taken from TheStarOnline, all the credits to them)

Perak to build international medical university

LONDON: An international medical university will be built in Perak next year in collaboration with several leading universities, mainly from India, Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said here Saturday.

He said the project, which would involve an investment of RM7bil to RM8bil, has been planned for the past two years through private initiatives and the state government would have equity in it.

Well it seems that BN really putting thier foot on the upgrade works in Perak to win the people again. We can see the roads getting widen, parking lot added(Free), New Stronger and safer Bridges, and now a University near Gua Tempurung. My guess it that real estate property in Ipoh will go up soon (in 2 years time). No more stupid "EXPENSIVE" antique lamp post upgrade here anymore (done by previous BN). Guess they learned the leasson well and if this plan is executed properly, they may on track. Let's see if they can keep thier own words and do it.Thier plan might worked as more and more people inPerak is feeling it (wonder what is PR strategy?).

Auto Car Wash.

I really never fancied the auto car wash, but I have to use it this time. Don't have enough time to wash the car myself in this few days.
It was not 100% clean wash (there is still some area the machine can not wash (especially the back part of the car) may be due to the program is not correct. Each type of car have different dimension and to set the dimension into the auto wash is quite a task (Picking the correct program is important too, you don't want to see the roller bar come crashing into your car).
For RM3 it is still worth a try, i just need to use damn cloth to wipe some small areas.

(Need to add this info: Using the new 4-2-1 with straight flow, i get RM0.24 per KM. Mostly due to the heavy foot problem. Temptation to "step" on it is too great, hahahha. But now have to put back the S-flow for the coming travel.)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturday & Sunday KL Trip

Went to KL on Saturday and come back on Sunday for Wedding Dinner. Went to Sunway Pyramid (Can't find my son's Car) and then go to MidValley (Found the cars and bought 2).

Bought Another 2 units of MEGA Block Probuilder cars for my son. (The Red and Gold car, the Green one are bought in Ipoh). (Now he has 3 units)

KL-Ipoh trip Data (New 4-2-1 with S-flow):
Distance Traveled: 205km. (One way)
Highway speed: 110~120kmh. (Except some area with 90kmh limit)
Fuel Used: RM 30.
Mileage: 14.5 sen per KM or 14 Km per liter. (FC is guaranteed to be correct because I fill up before leaving KL and Fill up again after reached Ipoh).
This is my best FC so far although still can not beat IDSI. :P

Today I have just installed the HKS Muffler and I like the sound, the very bad resonance sound is no more (may be due to the new 4-2-1 header. The sound now is deep and toned, so now let's see how will the FC be in town driving with straight flow.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Header Update

I was using 4-1: (Galvanized Steel, with Low Clearance) (Power comes after 3k~3.5k RPM)

Then Change to 4-2-1: (Stainless Steel, No more clearance issue) (Power starts at 1.5k~2k RPM)

After 2 Days: (Stainless Steel change color to Yellowish after Heated by Exhaust Gas)

Overall comment is 4-1 is very good for track and Drag as it power at top range is still better than 4-2-1. It does suffer in town driving due to need to maintain 3k RPM and Low clearance.

The 4-2-1 is more suited for town driving as the power starts at 1.5k~2k RPM and it does not suffer low clearance issue. The drive is smoother but less powerful on the TOP End RPM if compared to 4-1.

Yellowish mark can be used as a tell tale sign that a Stainless Steel header has been used before.