Monday, November 30, 2009

4-2-1 Header

I have changed my 4-1 header to a 4-2-1 header as my car is normally used as a daily drive and very less lapping it. The 4-1 is very effective in VTEC DRAG range (5k~8k) and the power is endless but under normal driving circumstances it is a bit rough for me.

So i started to source for a 4-2-1 to change the power band to mid RPM onwards which will sacrifice the top RPM performance compared to the 4-1. The long welded joint for 2-3 and 1-4 tubes, give me a good idea that this is good quality stuff.

After some time, I manage to find one unit of nice quality 4-2-1. It has good welding joints and made from Stainless steel which now has a yellow tone (after expose to heat the SS will yellow).

After installing it and drive home, i must admit the power does come earlier which is at 2k RPM and this is suitable for normal street driving. Plus there is more clearance to miss those speed bumps.

After searching on the NET i finally found that the unit actually almost replica the Spoon 4-2-1.
(Check out the long welding line joining the 2-3 and 1-4 tubes. Quite similar to the unit above?)

4-1 header for sale!

I am selling my used local made 4-1 Mugen Replica. It was made using galvanized steel which is also anti-rust.

Condition: Used for 5 months and have minor scratches.
The picture on the left is mine and the right unit is from the shop. My unit has straight runners which is very effective to let the exhaust gas out. Power comes with increase of RMP especially aft 3~3.5k RPM until red line.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Go Kart Ipoh.

Have been quiet for about a month. Did a few normal things like going to Cameron Bee farm and get Jagung. Playing Facebook games. But some for some reason I found Go_Karting is really fun. I have always wanted to play go Kart but so far no luck, until Extreme Park Ipoh have it.
All I can say is it is really fun and you can read all about it here in my friend's Blog:

Video: (I have more but it takes damn long to upload and process)