Monday, August 31, 2009

The Bullshit continues.............

Price of RON 95 at RM1.80 from Tuesday (Update)


(Taken from TheStar)

KUALA LUMPUR: The newly introduced RON 95 fuel is now priced at RM1.80 - five sen higher than the previous RM1.75.

Meanwhile, RON 97 is upgraded as a premium product and has gone up to RM2.05 from RM1.80.

Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said the new prices were decided based on the current method of Automatic Pricing Mechanism (APM).

“Although the price is now 5 sen higher, the Government is still subsidising 33.81 sen per litre (of RON 95) which is equivalent to RM304mil monthly,” he told reporters after the launch of Primax 95 by Petronas here on Monday.

Currently, the Government is subsidising RON 97 by 42.72 sen per litre.

The cost for RON 95 went up 102% from USD$ 40.75 per barrel to USD$ 82.30 in December last year and August respectively.

“If there is any changes in the global prices, we would revise it accordingly. It is up to the Economic Council to decide.

“RON 95 also adheres to the EURO2M specification where it can lessen pollution,” said Ismail Sabri, adding that consumers would get quality petroleum at a subsidised price.

With the new pricing, Ismail Sabri added that RON 92 was phased out from the market as the usage was only 5% from total petrol sale in the country.

In April last year, then Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad said the Government was considering the use of petrol with higher research octane number (RON) to reduce fuel subsidies without hurting the lower-and-medium income groups.

A higher octane number means higher resistance to engine “knocking”. “Knocking” could possibly damage the engine over time.

Petrol Dealers Association of Malaysia president Datuk Hashim Othman said petrol stations could easily recalibrate their pumps to adjust to the new price.

“With technology, all you need to do is push some buttons. It is almost automatic in most stations now, except for a few in the rural areas which are still using the manual system,” he told The Star.

He added that petrol dealers would make a slight gain with the price increase as they had bought their current stock at the old price.

“It is only a little as the price increase is small,” he said.

See all this bullshit talk........ Especially the last bullshit sentence.

“It is only a little as the price increase is small,” he said.

If you think this is so small why not subsidising it for the RAKYAT..... What is a BLOODY RM304Million Monthly to Our current BN GOV? Our stupid ANGKASWAN project is the waste of money but we are doing and being laughed by the whole world.... Hello! Wake Up.... our ANGKASAWAN is just a "BAGGAGE" to other country austonout.

RON95 is RM1.80 per lioter NOT RM1.75! (Rip OFF)

Price of RON 95 at RM1.80 from Tuesday

(Taken from TheStar)

KUALA LUMPUR: The RON 95 petrol will be sold at RM1.80 per litre from Tuesday.

RON 97 will be sold at RM2.05 while RON 92 will be phased out, said Domestic Trade, Cooperative and Consumerism Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

See..... This is how our current BN led GOV play things around. Even the words from PM can not be trusted.

Quote the Famous statement: "RON95 will be at RM1.75"..... "This will help those who is low income group to save on petrol money"..... "RON97 will be at RM2.00" .... "High Income group can afford"..... "This will help GOV to save Billions in subsidy and help the lower income Rakyat"........... BLA BLA BLA....(ALL BULL SHIT)

So NOW Mr BN GOV, Please tell us the poor rakyat what bullshit you want to say?

RON95 is RM1.80 per liter same price as previous RON97 so "THERE is NO SAVING for the Poor Rakyat".

Worst still, for those who are using RON92 will now be forced to use RON95 at 1.80 per liter. What a JOKE, you guys acted worst than CLOWN! (at least CLOWN can make us happy).

RON97 goes from RM1.80 to RM2.05 (That is a BLOODY 14% Price hike and there is NO GLOBAL SHORTAGE of OIL as excuse). So what is the excuse this time, too much $$$ waste in buying over those "FROGS"? or planning to buy MORE FROGS?

You guys will never learn, do you? Well we shall say BYE BYE in GE 2013! Lets see how many vote you will lost!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Timber Company Dismantle Bridge, Distruping Food supply to Poor Penan People

No bridge, so no food for Penans


(Taken from TheStar)

MIRI: The food shortage problem in central Sarawak has been worsened after a timber company dismantled an iron bridge that links up to 3,000 people living inside the remote areas.

Efforts to send food aid to the Penans have now been seriously hampered.

Yesterday, more than 1,600 packets of rice weighing 16,000kg were despatched by donors through the Catholic Church.

However, the food supply is stuck at the Sungai Asap settlement, about 50km from the Bakun Dam, as timber lorries used to deliver the food cannot cross the Sungai Linau after the dismantling of the bridge.

The timber concession area was earmarked for flooding this October to create a reservoir for the dam.

Reverend Father Sylvester Ding, aid collection co-ordinator, said it would take a long time to carry food aid across the river by boat.

“We are in a dilemma as to how to send the food to Lusong Laku settlement and SRK Lusong Laku where the food shortage is most acute.

“We have no choice but to seek help from the locals to transport the food across the river.

“We will also try to reach five other settlements near the Indonesian border by other routes. We hope the weather will be favourable, as it has been a few weeks since supply reached those in need,” he said.

The Star journalist who joined the food aid mission saw a truck laden with food items stranded at the Sungai Asap settlement.

On Aug 7, the timber company clarified that the iron bridge was only built in March, and that the Penans in the area had been able to travel to Bintulu or Kapit before the bridge was built.

The company spokesman also said it was untrue the natives in the interior would be cut off without the bridge, adding that the company had helped the local communities in various ways, such as helping them build longhouses or provide jobs.

The spokesman was responding to an earlier story in Sunday Star saying that the timber company planned to dismantle the bridge as it was pulling out of the area after completing its logging activities.

The decision was reported to have caused an uproar among the natives.


1) Why do the Timber Company have to dismantle the Bridge?

2) Does the Timber Company have the authority to build the Bridge?

3) Is the Bridge very expensive? (Don't talk garbage on helping the natives if you can not even spare ONE bloody Bridge! We are not stupid and your spokesman is lousy, go read more books)

3) If this is a sabotage to STEAL the supplies, then this Timber Company should not have their license renew and should be blacklisted. (INHUMAN ACT, Shame on YOU)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wiper Link Arm Repaired

I was having so much problem when raining due to the link arm over swing and hit the side of the wind screen rubber (worn out rubber bush). I have tried to look for a used 1/2 cut unit but they are bad also (It cost RM120), so i returned it. After some searching, i manage to find out that there is an OEM replace for the bush and linkage arm.
I immediately go grab one set for RM80 and return to the garage. I diy replace the linkage and the wiper is good now. Finally no need to worry about driving when raining at night.

Screws for Plug Wire Cover.

Yes! Finally found the screws for my plug wire cover. Have to take it out from old Honda Engine. I can find any NEW units in the shops. :) Believe me, it is hard to get NEW ones. Lucky my friend got me 4 units for FREE.... :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

FAcebook can not see HCOC pic!


I really can not see the link and the attached is the print screen. Please help to advise.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Billet Plug Cable Cover

My engine does not have a plug cable cover when it was transplanted (possibly stolen). I have been driving the car for more than 1 year with this missing something feeling. It is not easy to search for a good bargain on hte B series plug cover. Carbon fiber unit cost RM280 (retail) and RM250 (2nd hand). OEM unit from chop shop is rare and quite pricey (More than RM120 for a so-so used unit). While searching online, I found a good deal. USD9.99 per unit in e-bay. The shipping cost is USD18. The price converted to MYR is 100.60 which is damn good deal for a billet CNC machined alluminium unit which was made in Taiwan/China. So i have it ordered. It reaches to my hands today. Now i need to find those 4 units of M6 "Acorn" hex nuts to complete the job. :)

Note: I use 2 cable tie to ensure the plug cable does not touch any of the hot metal surface and hold it in place.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cooling Coil for Modern Cars.

New car now days have to take off the dash board just to remove the cooling coil. Check out the Hyundai (Inokom) Matrix which have to remove the whole dash board console. (Roughly will need 8 hours to complete the whole cycle as there is plenty of screw and bracket to remove and assemble.

Even Avanza have to remove dash board to change the cooling Coil, but the design is much better. It has less bracket and screw to remove. (Roughly need 3~4 hours to complete).

So I really like old design better as it only need to remove the glove box to change the cooling coil and it only need 1~2 hours max to complete. So what the hell is automotive engineers are thinking now days?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Work Place clean 5S

Office Desk cleaned up. I really need to clear my head and have a proper direction. I was confused on my own responsibilities at work but now it is all crystal clear. My direction given by management is clear and have solid boundaries. Need to work harder obviously and with proper authority given together with the responsibility.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fixed Cabin Noise Problem

I have this funny problem of having a strange noise when the car vibrates due to bump or whatever.... a weird ticking noise. So i have been hunting for the source of this sound for more than 2 months as it comes and goes away.
Finally today, I managed to find it. I tapped the door panel of the right front door and the left front door. The right door sounds solid but the left one have slight clinking sound. So I removed the floor panel and found the 4 screws locking the power window motor to the door is loose. I tighten the 4 screws and installed the door panel back on. After doing this, both doors have same tap sounds..."SOLID". I was so worried that it is some suspension issue, but lucky it is not :)
Just some info to share.