Saturday, August 23, 2008

A very nicely done EK

A very nice EK from team street. Most of the Team Street cars is City and Vios.

Again at the Auto Show at Nite ~11pm

Dessert after Dinner :)

I brought my family to Tasek Square for Dinner and Had Satay for dessert :) (Mutton and Chicken, only at RM0.50 a piece/stick) (Car parked while i am waiting For my wife ~ 6.45pm Paint have 3D effect)

Update 22 Aug 2008

I took leave to go to the Full Throttle Autoshow in IPOH today. I believe pictures says a thousand words however i can not post a lot of it... This is just some snap shot :) You stii have 23 and 24 Aug 2008 to go and take a look for your self. (I found the Spare part dealer for Original JDM spare parts, so i am sharing with all of you)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Boring Saturday

Went to fix my AC today as mu friends complained that it is too hot during the afternoon.
Felt so bored so i took a Pic of the car. I still can not find a suitable place for me to practice driving.
Any one can suggest something? :)
I keep the interior and exterior of the car stock...... SR4 not EG9 wanna be :P

I have been doing some news reading and i could not believe the articles lets out it this way... if 2 person committed robbery and one of them accuse the other would he/she go free... if that is the case, people will go rob the bank/gold smith... but not need to run, all that is need is just to accuse the other member and he goes free (not charged). This is a real joke....... and the whole world is laughing at this issue..... Smarten up please.