Saturday, July 26, 2008

Update 25 July 2008

First of all, I must apologize to all who is reading my blog as I have not been updating it since 1 month ago....


1) Modified my exhaust to be swappable between the S-flow and the HKS. Currently I am using S-flow as the JPJ is working very hard nowdays.

2) Changed my suspension as I have ditched the leaking JIC and get a new set Local Cheap stuff "HIT HA Kit" with spring rate 8kg front and 5 kg back. It is quite ok for the price paid... no complaint, but is pocket permits i would get a Mugen/Spoon/Tein (or some where RM4k kits fully adjustable High low/Soft Hard kit... )

3) Changed front left lower arm bushing... already cracked.

4) Changed engine oil to test out the BP 6000 semi-synthetic... So far is ok for me.

5) Changed my lug nuts to sport rim compatible. (The bigger one is good)

Tomorrow i will be Joining HCOC as offical member :). See you guys there!